Saturday, January 7, 2012

Information Design Tool - BOBJ 4.0

The information design tool is the SAP BusinessObjects design environment for creating and publishingnew SAP BusinessObjects universes and connections. The information design tool lets you takeadvantage of these major new universe design features:
•  Dimensional universes that support OLAP dimensions and hierarchies
•  Multisource universes that federate multiple relational data sources
•  A design environment that facilitates designer teamwork and universe resource sharing
•  A security editor for universe data and metadata
•  Extended connection management

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Logging on to InfoView

To use InfoView, one of the following web browsers must be installed on
your machine:
• Microsoft Internet Explorer
• Firefox

How to log on to InfoView
Open your web browser.Enter the appropriateURL for InfoView:
• For Java InfoView go to http://webserver:portnumber/InfoViewApp/
If you have any BusinessObjects Enterprise client tools installed on
Windows, you can also click Start > Programs > BusinessObjects XI
3.1 > BusinessObjects Enterprise > BusinessObjects Enterprise > InfoView
In the User name and Password fields, enter your logon credentials.
Click Log On.
The" InfoView home page" appears.

If you successfully log on, InfoView appears in your web browser.
InfoView is divided into two panels. For information about each panel, see
the following sections:
1. Header panel
2. Workspace panel.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

How Web Intelligence performs business intelligence over the web

Web Intelligence provides business users an easy to use interactive andflexible user interface for building and analyzing reports on corporate dataover the web, on secured intranets and extranets. The Web Intelligencesoftware is installed by your administrator on a web server on your corporatenetwork.
To use Web Intelligence from your local computer, you log into the businessintelligence portal InfoView via your Internet browser. Then, depending onyour security profile, you can interact with the reports in corporate documentsor edit or build your own documents using a Web Intelligence report panelor query panel.